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We are continually working to keep on top of our industry's trends. But sometimes these trends have nothing to do with the preferred bath to bedroom ratios or predicting the up and coming neighborhoods; sometimes, it has everything to do with how buyers are finding what they want.

The keyword here is MOBILE!

This is why we just went through a website redesign to become mobile responsive. Not just mobile friendly, responsive. Our website will now realize the size screen you are on and determine the best view for you.

Pretty neat huh? So go ahead and try us on your phone vs tablet, laptop vs desktop. No matter where you are or what device you have, we'll always be ready and right at your fingertips with the most up to date information on all things VT realty.

First-Rate Fall Foliage

If you live in Vermont, one of the best times of the year is fall. The scenery around you changes on a daily basis from deep greens to an assortment of warm colors. Looking out your window to a collage of yellow, red, and orange is enough to make anyone grateful that this is their home. Luckily, we know it and celebrate it through many harvest and foliage festivals throughout the season.

In our area, you'll find the Stowe Foliage Arts Festival taking place from October 7-9. And, while fall is amazing, every season in Vermont is beautiful from snowy peaks to refreshing dips in our lakes. Living here, you get the best of every season. Vermont is an ideal place to raise a family with numerous outdoor activities for everyone year round.


Market Update - March 2016

What's happening around here? We're glad you asked! We compiled a list of what's pending, closed, and newly listed in the Waterbury-Stowe area and neighborhoods. Have any questions or want to know more? Reach Out.





Newly Listed:


Alchemist Brewery closes on land in Stowe for their new state of the art Brewery.


A rendering of the Alchemist's proposed new visitors' center and brewery.

A rendering of the Alchemist's proposed new visitors' center and brewery.


By Tommy Gardner | Stowe Reporter | May 6, 2015

"Warm weather and cold beer go well together, and soon, so could warm weather and the construction of a new brewery.

"The Alchemist is the proud new owner of 4 acres on Cottage Club Road," Chuck Baraw said Tuesday.

Baraw, who owns the Stoweflake Resort and Spa, had just closed the deal with the owners of the Alchemist Brewery, Jen and John Kimmich. He sold them a parcel he had already cut off from his land for a condo project that never materialized.

Now, that 4-acre parcel will be home to a 15,000-square-foot brewery and retail store that will complement the current Alchemist cannery in Waterbury. The Waterbury Center location will still make Heady Topper, the world-famous double IPA that brings beer connoisseurs to northern Vermont from all over New England and beyond. The Stowe location will concentrate on other Alchemist recipes, both new and old favorites that used to be on tap in the downtown Waterbury brewpub that was wiped out by Tropical Storm Irene.

The Kimmichs were out of town and didn't comment about the sale. But when the Alchemist cleared the final permitting hurdle April 1, Jen Kimmich said the brewery and store could be open around this time next year.

Susi Benoit, owner partner and Realtor with New England Landmark Realty, said the purchase price for the land was $500,000. She said Steve Foster, a real estate agent with her office and owner of the Blue Donkey on Mountain Road, was instrumental in the deal between Baraw and the Kimmichs.

Foster said that, when he heard the Kimmichs were looking for a place to build a second brewery, he looked up and down Mountain Road and elsewhere, and found the Stoweflake property, already subdivided and fitting the water and sewer requirements.

"It was a perfect storm," Foster said. "To have a business like that coming to Stowe, they're gong to bring a whole new level of professionalism, and it'll really lift up that whole area."



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    Be Credit-Wise to Help You Get that Mortgage Loan

    Your credit score is one of the most valuable things you own and it can quickly turn into a nightmare for you. A low credit score will directly affect your ability to borrow money and may get you turned down for that mortgage loan you have applied for. Or, you may be offered a higher interest rate because the lender sees you as a risky borrower. This may prevent you from buying your Waterbury or Stowe, Vermont dream home!
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    1. Credit reports aren't always accurate. Most have a big error or mistake: 80 percent, actually. Regularly check your credit report. Everyday we hear about thousands of credit cards being compromised through the hacking of large retailers' security and payment systems. These breaches can ruin your credit and be a large and seemingly endless headache for you.

    If your personal information gets compromised, a thief will open up financial accounts in your name. However, they will not pay the bills, and this will ruin your credit. Those unpaid bills will be reported to the credit agencies and will affect your ability to buy a car, rent a nice place, purchase a home or even get employment. So keep a close eye on your credit scores and your credit card accounts and report suspicious charges and credit cards immediately.
    2. Pulling your credit score may lower it. A "soft" pull is done yourself for personal reasons; it will have zero effect. A "hard inquiry" is when a lender pulls it up for loan approval. It will have a negative impact, but small.
    3. A higher income does not equal a higher credit score. Income is not relevant to credit score; paying bills on time (or not) is what matters.
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      • monika on

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        HGTV Dream House Sold!


        Stowe's "Dream House" has found new owners! The 2011 HGTV Dream House at Spruce Peak in Vermont's Stowe Mountain Resort was sold with the help of New England Landmark Realty (NELR) super agent Susi Benoit in April of this year. The original winners of the home in 2011, Eric and Catherine Makstenieks, sold the house for 2.7 million to an active family of seven. The Boston family purchased this second home in hopes of making new and lasting memories. They have five children between the ages of 10 months and 9 years and they all ski except the youngest, making this mountain location a perfect fit. They already have some modifications in mind, the most prominent being the addition of a fourth bedroom over the garage to fit their family needs. In addition to the mountain location, they love the existing open floor plan, which will allow for plenty of family interaction, bonding, comfort, and growth.

        New England Landmark Realty's Susi Benoit will tell you that the house practically sold itself, being a home that anyone would dream to own. As Fox News said, "From the jaw dropping custom designed home to the out of this world views, it truly is a dream home" Stowe's HGTV Dream House. The Dream House architect, Paul Rousselle, said that the main floor of the house has, "this feeling of being in the tree limbs". This magical tree-house hideaway has two master bedrooms and a bunk room that sleeps eight,  a gourmet kitchen and wonderfully creative living spaces (, making it the perfect gathering place with easy access to all that Stowe Mountain Resort has to offer. The recent buyers will certainly have plenty of opportunities to experience the mountain and create many memories in and around their new home and are excited to become a part of the Stowe community.

        [gallery ids="10,23,22,20,19,11,25,26,9,7,14,8"]

        New England Landmark Realty was thrilled to be the real estate company chosen for the sale of the "Dream Home", selected by the sellers and amidst such fierce competition in the Stowe real estate market. The sellers and buyers appreciated the intimate home buying experience that Benoit of NELR was able to provide them, driven by the company's mission to provide uncompromising honesty and unparalleled integrity while realizing client's goals and dreams.

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