Nov. 5, 2020

Preparing for Winter in Vermont

It's no secret that the winters are cold in Vermont. The cold makes way for the snow, and a winter wonderland is born. Children enjoy snow days off from school, making snow angels and scarfed snowmen with carrot top noses. Hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream sit unassumingly ...

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Posted in Vermont
Dec. 10, 2018

Simplistic Beauty & Holiday Decorating

By: Holly Pembroke • Interior Decorator • Middlesex, VT.

As I get ready for the holidays I think about traditions and what this time of the year means to me - family, home, comfort, giving, and simplicity. Around the holidays it is so easy to get lost in the schedules ...

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Nov. 15, 2018

Renovated Vermont Farmhouse | Home Design

Landmark is excited to announce that we have a new guest blogger, Holly Pembroke, who will be bringing us her expertise on interior design and all things home staging! Please enjoy her blog:

My partner and I renovated an 1890’s farmhouse in 2017 with the help of an amazing team ...

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Nov. 5, 2018

Vermont Winter Here We Come | Local Mountains

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Oct. 12, 2018

Selling Your Home | Home Staging

There are some things that every home seller should make sure to cross off their list as they approach putting their home on the market. Some smaller tasks to keep in mind are:

Cleaning: Give everything a quick shine, from counters to frequently trafficked rugs. You don’t want your home ...

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Oct. 10, 2018

Your Vermont Fall Guide | Hike, Explore, Bake

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Sept. 25, 2018

Let’s Decorate | Home Décor For Fall

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Aug. 27, 2018

Home Study Space | Back to School Season

With most children going back to school this week it’s time to start the homework grind again. If your kid is like most, staying focused on assignments can be a struggle, especially when it’s still so summer-like outside. Take a look at our list of what it takes to make ...

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Posted in Vermont
Aug. 14, 2018

Vermont Summer Fun: Champlain Valley Fair


The biggest fair in Vermont is right around the corner!

One of the most memorable events of any summer is going to the local fair with your friends and family. We’re lucky enough to have the Champlain Valley Fair located just over in Essex Junction. Make sure to stop ...

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July 26, 2018

Seven Hacks for Home Maintenance | Summer

After the harsh Vermont winter, summer is finally here, and we’re all eager to lay back and relax. Unfortunately, there are a few chores to be taken care of before the fun and relaxation can begin. But don’t worry; We’ve compiled a list of summer chores to remember as soon ...

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