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Summer Storm

Local photographer Andrew Gimino captured the beauty of a VT summer storm through his camera lens. This is quite an artistic feat because by this time in the summer I know we were all pretty tired of the rain. Locally, we have seen oppressive heat, record high precipitation levels, and frequent thunderstorms in the month of June and the first half of July. While this doesn't seem to follow past trends for summer weather in Vermont, we are all wondering if it will shift to become the new norm in our area.

While the effects if climate change may seem subtle, it is important to protect our homes from the damage it may cause in the future. John Banta, author of the "Extreme Weather Hits Home" said, "Our homes are one of the most expensive investments we will ever make. They are also our refuge from the elements, and we must protect them so they can protect us." In the past, protecting the home in Vermont has often meant preparing for the cold weather and harsh conditions of winter, but with changing climate it may also mean increased protection from flooding, strong winds, and severe storms. Regular maintenance is a good preventative tool, as the weather patterns may have shifted since the time your house was built or even in recent years. Some suggestions include, refastening exterior light fixtures, trimming trees and shrubs, reinforcing or shielding windows, maintaining roofing, as well as revisiting home insurance policies. While we are fortunate in Vermont to be protected from many natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and forest fires, it is still important to protect our home according to the changing climate.


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Shelburne Museum Names New Art & Education Center ยป Vermont Life Magazine

Vermont Life Magazine Shelburne Museum Names New Art & Education Center » Vermont Life Magazine.

This building will be a "new and important cultural and educational resource for Vermont." It features gallery space, an auditorium, educational classroom, and meets the criteria as a LEED certified building, using local materials and energy efficient technologies. We hope that this building can be used as an engaging resource for local residents. The Shelburne Museum is a very valued local space that brings many people to the area and contributes greatly to the local community. This is one of the many attractions that might make you consider making Shelburne your home.

Arianna Huffington's Secret to Success: Sleep

"Shut your eyes and discover the great ideas that lie inside us. Shut your engines and discover the power of sleep." According to Huffington, this is what's best for our personal health and well-being as well as what's best for the condition of the world. As a small business we are always looking for ways to improve the health of our employees and the community and if sleep is one simple step in the right direction then we will embrace Huffington's secret to success. Through doing so we hope to foster new and innovative ideas, engage with the local community and grow.


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Hen of the Wood Burlington

Hen of the Wood has been in Waterbury for almost eight years now and in that time co-owners Eric Warnstedt and William McNeil have helped to foster a great sense of community and local flavor within a carefully crafted dining experience. This is an experience soon to be had in Burlington as well. Hen of the Wood will be opening at Hotel Vermont with the same intuitive vision for pursuing local partnerships, operating like a family, supporting the local community and economy, and creating simple, yet innovative and inspiring cuisine. You can help make this all possible by becoming a seatholder at both Hen of the Wood locations. By making a $500 donation to this expansion project you will receive a 15% discount for the life of both businesses and give a gift in return to a community business that has helped grow the Waterbury economy.



Join the party!

The Waterbury Arts Fest is street fair that takes place on a closed section of downtown Waterbury historic district. Filled with artists, musicians, dancers and more, it's a great way to walk around and mingle with the community, do a little shopping, a little dancing, a little eating and have a ton of fun! The weekend includes a wide variety of Vermont artist exhibitors, artist demonstrations, kids' activities, live music, food and much, much more.

Block Party on Stowe Street: Friday, July 12th: 6pm-10pm

Arts Fest: Saturday, July 13th: 10am-4pm, Stowe St., Waterbury, VT

More info here ->

And we are so very happy to be a community sponsor for this event!