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Market Update - March 2016

What's happening around here? We're glad you asked! We compiled a list of what's pending, closed, and newly listed in the Waterbury-Stowe area and neighborhoods. Have any questions or want to know more? Reach Out.





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Feng Shui For Beginners

Whether you believe in it or not, if you're planning on spring cleaning or decorating why not try rearranging? Who knows, the energy of your home could very well change. We found this cool article written by Reality Times about using feng shui three different ways in your home.

Rearrange Your Living Room

As the heart of your home, the flow of energy in your living room is essential to your family's overall energy. To create a cozy, nurturing space, start with a seating area where you can connect and relax together. The couch and chairs should be arranged close together for easy conversation, without having to talk loudly to be heard.

Place your couch against a wall if possible. Feng shui tradition says this anchors the piece, providing a feel of security and safety. If floating in the center of the room is your only option, mimic the anchoring effect by arranging a console and a pair of robust floor lamps behind your couch.

Keep the Romance Alive

The master bedroom should be a safe haven — a place for intimacy, relaxation and sleep. Maximize the romantic energy by decluttering the space. Leave devices in the living room or kitchen to avoid late-night screen time and the danger of bringing work to bed with you.

Aim for a minimalist look in your apartment and eliminate any unnecessary furniture in your bedroom. Place the bed as far from the door as possible. This offers a commanding position with a clear view of the entrance, which helps you feel safe and secure. Not having a lot of clutter and items in the room also helps you keep the space clean and tidy, which prevents pests. If you find signs of pests when you're rearranging your room, be sure to call an exterminator immediately.

Baby on the Way

Pregnancy and nesting go hand in hand. Which room will be the nursery? What's your color scheme? Do you want a theme? The questions are endless. If you're overwhelmed, feng shui can help you narrow down the options.

When choosing a room for your child, feng shui tradition favors the baby's room at the heart of the house, so choose a bedroom toward the center. Make sure it's not over a noisy area of the house, like the garage, or facing a noisy street. When choosing where to place the crib, it's more favorable to place the headboard of the crib against a wall than the side of the crib; this allows for better flow and balance of energy. It should be at the farthest point from the door, though not under a window or floating in the middle of the room.

As far as colors go, avoid using bright, energetic colors like red or yellow. Gray and black are also no-nos. Instead opt for soft, soothing shades of blue, green, plum, pink or beige. Avoid excessive use of patterns and garish cartoon characters, as these can hinder the calming energy in your baby's sleeping sanctuary.

Click here to see the original article.

Closing the Deal

Article by Cindy Lyons, Owner and Principal Broker at NELM

You spend months marketing your property, cleaning the house for showings and then you get an offer and work through all details (negotiating, inspection, appraisal, financing, other contingencies), looking forward to closing. Or, you spend months looking at multiple properties, reconfiguring your expectations, narrowing down the prospects, making an offer and working through the same details as above.

Everyone patiently waits for that hopeful "Clear to Close" from the lender. You are thrilled when you get it and usually it is clear sailing from there. But that is not always the case. What can go wrong at the closing table? Let's see...

Some unexpected things can happen either at closing, or the days just prior. There are some things you can do to avoid a delay.

Take care of all inspection items early on. You may find yourself at the mercy of contractors' schedules or waiting on ordered parts. If you are the Buyer, do not wait until the walk-through to make sure the items have been done.

Look over your closing statement very carefully. You want to make sure all pro-rations, commissions and deposits are accounted for. Were the utilities, association fees, and taxes (town and/or village) all taken into account? A missing item can cause disruption at the closing table.

If you are wiring money, make sure the process is started in a timely manner in relation to your closing day and time. If the money is not there, you won't close.

If needed, set up a Power of Attorney (POA) ahead of time, so your attorney (or other appropriate person) can sign the papers for you if you cannot be there. If you are the executor of an estate, make sure you qualify to have POA to sign the paperwork. Recent laws preclude those who benefit from a sale to have POA to sign the closing documents.

All Buyers should do a final walk-through to ensure all personal property has been removed, all appliances/items that were to remain are still there, and the home is broom clean. This is also an opportunity to make sure all work that was promised to be done has been completed.

If you are the Seller...don't save your packing for the week before closing. Moving always takes longer than you think and Buyers rightfully expect a final walk through with the home cleared of all the Seller's personal belongings and clean. It is in the contract.

One last tip. It is not advised to allow a Buyer to move personal property into the home prior to closing. If the closing is held up or does not happen, it can lead to a very awkward and possibly contentious situation. We all want to play nice...but it is still really good advice to heed!

Waterbury. We Know Our Beer

The Fiscal Times recently came out with the top 25 Best Beer Towns in America. And to none of our surprise, Waterbury, Vermont was on that list. In fact, we were not just on that list, but were located right at the top of it! That's right, Waterbury, Vermont = #1 Beer Town in America according to The Fiscal Times. They listed the Alchemist's Focal Banger as our number one brew which is an American IPA and Heady Toppers' kid sibling.

Freeport, Maine and Cooperstown, New York were named 2nd and 3rd best Beer Towns in America. You can check out the full list of The 25 Best Beer Towns in America here.

But enough about them. Needless to say, great beer and Waterbury these days definatly go hand and hand.