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Home Study Space | Back to School Season

With most children going back to school this week it’s time to start the homework grind again. If your kid is like most, staying focused on assignments can be a struggle, especially when it’s still so summer-like outside. Take a look at our list of what it takes to make an effective home study space.

Location – This is the most paramount decision in the whole process. If your children are younger, you want an area that you can keep an eye on without having to run back and forth to their room. The kitchen table is a classic location where you can prep dinner and keep an eye on their test prep. Make sure this spot isn’t too distracting, whether it’s next to the front door or near a TV.

As your student grows, they might enjoy more independent spaces to work. Adding a desk to their bedroom furniture might be the way to go or altering a living room nook. Make sure wherever they set up is well lit to avoid eye strain which can lead to headaches or tiredness.

Comfortable – I’m sure we all remember the stiff plastic and wooden chairs that you have to sit in at school. While homework isn’t always fun, you don’t want it to feel like a punishment. By making your child’s study space fun and comfortable, they won’t be longing for the couch cushions. Adding pillows and a throw blanket to a reading nook or bench can be all the adjustment you need. (Make sure they don’t fall asleep!) 

Decoration – Just because it’s a homework spot doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and functional. Using bins is a great way to store stationary tools (for the young ones) and textbooks. Keeping it organized will reduce the stress that can come with multiple assignments.

We highly recommend getting some kind of large calendar (dry erase to reduce waste) to lay out all the upcoming assignments. While a planner is effective it can be deceiving if your student isn’t checking it regularly. Make sure any new assignments make it up on the board. It’s also super satisfying to check it off!

We wish the best of luck to all 2018 students!


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    Vermont Summer Fun: Champlain Valley Fair

    The biggest fair in Vermont is right around the corner!

    One of the most memorable events of any summer is going to the local fair with your friends and family. We’re lucky enough to have the Champlain Valley Fair located just over in Essex Junction. Make sure to stop by August 24th through September 2nd to check it out.

    We’ve broken down what we love about the fair below:


    No fair would be complete without a large selection of rides and the Champlain Valley Fair has them in spades. You can choose to purchase a ride bracelet or individual tickets depending on how often you expect to be whipping around on rides.

    Gentler attractions include a carousal, haunted house ride, various small roller coasters, and fun houses.

    If you’re interested in something that will really get your heart racing, check out the Zipper Wheel, Enterprise, or High Rising Swings. (Young children must meet ride requirements and be accompanied by an adult.)


    The assortment of games are too many to list but you’ll definitely be satisfied with the fair's collection of classic and new games. Try out the ring toss, balloon darts, or duck races!

    Live Entertainment (Grand Stand Events)

    8/24 – Old Dominion – Country Music

    8/25 – Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias – Stand Up Comic

    8/26 – Night of Fire & Destruction – Monster Trucks & Stunts

    8/27 – Wunderle’s Circus Extravaganza

    8/28 – The Machine Performs Pink Floyd – Free Concert with Fair Admission

    8/29 – Double Figure 8 Racing

    8/30 – Demolition Derby

    8/31 – Rick Springfield, Eddie Money, Greg Kihn, Tommy Tutone – Misc Pop & Rock

    9/1 – U.S. Freestyle Motocross Championship

    9/2 – Billy Currington – Country Music

    Learn more about each event here.

    Other Entertainment

    There is a collection of shows every day from an actual human cannonball to racing pigs, and hypnotist Steve Bayner. Make sure to check out the full schedule of daily events here.

    Farm Life

    See the adorable and impressive array of animals throughout a maze of tents. Old McDonald's Farm is a classic with all your favorite farm animals side by side. See newborn piglets frolicking around their mother or chicks hatching right before your eyes!

    Right next to McDonald's you’ll find tents with goats, sheep, cows, horses, rabbits, a variety of birds, and more! Educational workshops are available throughout the fair as well as live shows with Wildlife Wendy and others.


    There are competitions for everything under the sun! Visit the expo center and see who took home first for everything from bonsai trees and garden vegetables to cooking and crafts. See the list of competition here.


    Local and regional artisan vendors are scattered throughout the fair. You can find them in the convention center and in various places as you walk across the grounds. We highly recommend stopping by their tables and tents for souvenirs and gifts!


    There is no way to go wrong with fair food unless, of course, you decide to go on a particularly thrilling ride and don't have the strongest of stomachs! Dive into deep-fried goodness with corn dogs, french fries, and fried dough. It's the end of summer, live a little!