National Real Estate Trends

Jan. 12, 2016

Capital Gains: The Stepped Up Basis

Some of this tax stuff can be quite confusing. We found this article from Realty Times, and thought it did a fairly good job explaining some of the in's and out's of the tricky subject.

If you are married, and file a joint income tax return, the tax ...

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Oct. 27, 2015

How Do Homeowners Accumulate Wealth?

We found this very interesting! This is important for anyone considering renting or buying. Evaluation of financial investments can make or break your return on an achievement scale. Check out what Lawrence Yun had to say:

The differences between buying and renting are massive. According to the Federal Reserve, a ...

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Nov. 30, 2014

Homeownership and Wealth Creation -

Homeownership and Wealth Creation -

By THE New York Times EDITORIAL BOARD NOV. 29, 2014

Since the housing bust, renting has been in and owning a home has been out, especially among young adults who in earlier decades would have been first-time home buyers. As the rate of homeownership ...

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Oct. 22, 2014

3 Tips to Sell Your House in the Fall - Sell -

Although the real estate business tends to slow down in the fall, the season still can be an attractive time to put a home on the market. If you want to sell your house in the next few months, it can be done. Potential buyers--such as empty nesters or millennials who aren't ...

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March 21, 2014

NAR Report's Homeownership is a Priority

Renters Thinking More about Owning a Home, Say Homeownership is a Top Priority

Reposted from National Association of Realtor's

WASHINGTON (July 25, 2013) - Americans overwhelmingly believe owning a home is a good financial decision and a majority of renters say homeownership is one of their highest priorities for the ...

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Feb. 26, 2014

Shop and Lock

Are you shopping for a home and concerned about the potential of increasing interest rates?  Are you getting quotes for mortgage interest rates today and finding that two weeks later the rates are 0.25% higher?  Do you know what a 0.25% in interest rate means to ...

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Feb. 18, 2014

Buying Your Starter Home: Setting Expectations

Watch enough HGTV, and you'll quickly realize that the majority of first-time home buyers have no idea what types of amenities they can actually afford. Going from renting to owning your home opens up a wide range of opportunities in your life, but it also requires some sacrifices. It ...

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Oct. 15, 2013

Bringing Fall Into Your Home

With over half of all homeowners planning to make some type of improvement to their home this year, the question is, what exactly are they changing? Homeowners are choosing to wait until the high temperatures break and cooler weather hits to begin outdoor work, and home improvement companies are looking ...

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Oct. 5, 2013

The Ups and Downs of Interest Rates

We all know interest rates go up and down. But do we know why or how that affects each of us on a personal level?

In the last 12 monthswe have seen interest rates as low as 3.375% on a 30-year fixed mortgage and as high as 5.00% on ...

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Sept. 1, 2013

Closing the deal

You spend months marketing your property, cleaning the house for showings, and then you get an offer and work through all details (negotiating, inspection, appraisal, financing, other contingencies), looking forward to closing. Or, you spend months looking at multiple properties, reconfiguring your expectations, narrowing down the prospects, making an offer ...

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