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Jan. 23, 2024

Vermont Home Seller Frequently Asked Questions

by New England Landmark Realty LTD


What is the process for scheduling a consultation with an agent? 

To schedule a consultation with an agent, contact New England Landmark Realty by clicking on the envelope icon at the top right of this page, or phone (802) 253-4711 or email (homesale ...

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Nov. 26, 2023

Feng Shui — Bringing Peace and Prosperity Home


The wisdom of the past informs design in the present. For more than 6,000 years, the Chinese have been practicing the principles of feng shui, a tradition that seeks to bring together opposing forces in the world to create harmony and balance in homes. "Feng shui" translated into ...

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Nov. 14, 2023

Open Kitchen Shelf Design: Time For A Switch


Open shelving is as popular as ever given, its versatility and ability to adapt, to any kitchen style. Open shelving offers easy access to frequently used kitchen items. They also provide a place for displaying decorative items such as baskets, plates, and cookbooks that add a pop of personality ...

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Nov. 10, 2023

SFR, fix-and-flip sectors are in a ‘bit of a malaise’



October 17, 2023, 4:10 pm By 

The single-family rental (SFR) sector and its close cousin, the fix-and-flip market, are now essentially treading water in an environment of high interest rates, approaching 8%; high home prices; and a dearth of home-purchase inventory.

Still, even in this ...

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Nov. 7, 2023

Regulation hasn’t caught up to generative AI


October 16, 2023, 5:36 pm By 

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has tremendous potential to cut costs and improve customer experience, but regulation has not caught up to develop a governance program, industry pros said of AI’s implementation in mortgage lending.

Bias, discrimination, privacy and security concerns ...

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Nov. 7, 2023

Video: If homebuyer demand is so weak, why aren’t home prices falling?


October 24, 2023, 8:00 am By 

Everyone knows that potential homebuyers are waiting for better affordability. But if demand for homes at current prices is down then why haven’t home prices fallen to meet the lower demand?

The short answer is that while homebuyer demand is ...

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Oct. 19, 2023

Fed must signal that it’s at the end of its rate hikes: MBA



October 6, 2023, 2:20 pm By 

With 30-year fixed mortgage rates climbing to a 23-year high, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) called on the Federal Reserve to bring some certainty to financial markets.

“It is time, and very important for the Fed to make clear ...

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Oct. 16, 2023

Consumers point to mortgage rates, not home prices, as key barrier to affordability


October 9, 2023, 10:33 am By 

Elevated mortgage rates continue to dampen already-pessimistic consumer housing sentiment and create affordability woes for both homebuyers and sellers.

That feeling is underscored in Fannie Mae’s latest Home Price Sentiment Index (HPSI), which decreased by 2.4 points in ...

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Oct. 10, 2023

Call to end rate hikes grows louder as housing groups confront Fed

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Sept. 30, 2023

5 AI tools agents swear by in today's market

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