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May 15, 2019

I Can't Hear You!





Every Realtor has had a near disaster in their career. I am no exception.


There’s the one about the seller who insisted on learning everything they could about buyers before letting them through the door. A long list of questions. Talk about opening yourself up to violating Fair Housing Regulations. Yup, we had to fire that one.


Fair Housing Regulations are in place for a reason, and the Justice Department can levy fines up to $100,000. Recently social media advertising platforms have been fined for allowing advertisements that violated Fair Housing regs. Bottom line is that no one has the right to discriminate against anyone when it comes to housing.


What does that mean for the average home seller and their Realtor? I suspect some home sellers don’t even think about how questions may be interpreted by buyers. But we need to be very careful in the questions we ask to eliminate even the impression of discrimination. 


Personally, I do not know of a situation in Vermont where a Realtor has been called on this, but the risk is there. We don’t hesitate to cancel a listing contract if a seller insists on putting us in danger of a violation. Luckily it has only happened once. I like to believe Vermonters really do not want to discriminate, so we don’t run into it very often.


In talking with a potential buyer the only thing we should be asking them for is a pre-approval letter. If they are financially able to purchase, that’s all we need to know. 


If you have any real estate or Vermont related questions, let me know. Happy to answer all questions.

Cindy Lyons, co-owner and principal broker

New England Landmark Realty

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March 12, 2019

Tips for Selling Your Home in 2019


If you are planning to sell your home in the upcoming year, a few strategies can help you do so quickly. As you may already know, the longer your home sits on the market, the less likely it is that you'll find a buyer who offers your asking price. The best strategy for homeowners looking to sell their homes in 2019 is to set the stage using the following tips.

Clean Out the Junk 

A home that looks spacious is going to sell more quickly than one filled with clutter. Organizing your home and removing all of the junk that you've collected over the years is an excellent way to showcase the house. Decluttering your home will make it appear roomier, and allows interested buyers to see the structure's floor, walls, and aesthetic potential.

Find an Experienced Real Estate Agent 

If this is your first time selling a home, finding an experienced real estate agent can make all the difference in a quick sale. A knowledgeable REALTOR will guide you in the tasks needed to encourage a quick sale. New England Landmark Realty has 16 professional agents to help you!

Fix Broken Items 

Best impressions bring the best offers. While the broken light switch in the basement may not be on your list of priorities, it certainly is going to impact a buyer's interest in your home. Not keeping up with repairs makes homeowners look sloppy and disinterested in regular upkeep tasks. Potential buyers may wonder what else needs fixing. Don't give a buyer any excuse to offer you less for your home.

Set a Fair Price 

Before you set your asking price, take a look at what similar homes in the area are selling for at the current time. While your agent is going to provide you with the market value of your home to help guide your decision, that number may be considerably lower than your initial expectation. Finding out what other sellers are getting for their homes before you discuss your price with your agent provides a clear starting point that helps take out some of the emotional contexts to this type of decision. 

Spruce the Place Up with a Fresh Coat of Paint 

Before you run to the nearest paint store and pick up a few cans of paint, take a few moments to research popular trends in color choices. Studies show that exterior paint colors such as brown and green turn potential buyers away, while tried and true shades of white, blue, and grey are more likely to draw home buyers to your door. For interior walls and trim, you should opt for neutral colors. This strategy allows interested buyers to imagine their furnishings inside of your dwelling. 

Sell Now Rather Than Later 

The general rule of thumb is that many buyers begin to look for a home come spring. Particularly true for families with school-age children. It's a favorite time for home shopping, and with a more significant number of prospective buyers, you stand a better chance of receiving competing offers which always increase the sale price.

In the winter less inventory means less competition for buyers and anyone looking in the dead of winter is serious about buying. Either way, the truth is simple. If you don't list it, you can't sell your home. 

If you want to sell your home quickly, take the time to figure out all of the angles. Clean it and fix it up. Call us at New England Landmark Realty to help you determine what it is worth then get some help selling it. The first few weeks of a listing are always the most important ones. Get your home ready before you place it on the market for the best shot at selling it quickly in 2019.

Call us at 866-324-2427

Feb. 13, 2019

Local Tips on Local Charm

Central Vermont is all about local charm. From organic maple syrup to hand-blown glass to whimsical toy stores and bookshops; there’s a reason people love the Waterbury area. Check out this list from an 8th generation Vermonter to find a few special spots around town.

Ziemke Glass Blowing Studio

Hand blown glass has an element of mystery and magic to it, but Glenn Ziemke lets visitors take a step inside his world of molten glass. His store and studio share a wall, one that has been replaced by a massive window. It’s almost like looking into an aquarium, a visual only increased by the glass fish he crafts in a rainbow of colors.

Don’t know anything about glass blowing and how it works? A full diagram of the process and knowledgable staff are ready to answer your questions as you watch, shop, and wonder. This hidden Waterbury Center gem gives you a peek into a hand-crafted art that keeps both tourists and locals stopping by.

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Feb. 11, 2019

Freshen Up your Kitchen: Organize and Decorate

By: Holly Pembroke • Interior Decorator • Middlesex, VT.

This time of year when the cold makes you want to hibernate and we all dream of flying away to an exotic beach, I crave hearty meals and retreat to my kitchen to cook and bake so I can fill the house with good smells and warmth.

Our old farmhouse kitchen is cold in the winter and nothing warms it up like cooking, baking, and decorating with plants. I added a mini Lemon Cypress tree to our kitchen counter to make it a bit cozier and remind myself of summer. Let’s talk about more ways to keep your kitchen fresh and inviting this year.

Creating a beautiful and functional kitchen can be overwhelming and often not seen as a priority. Here are a few steps to help the job feel more manageable.

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Jan. 23, 2019

Waterbury Winterfest: Uncommonly Vermont

Like many towns in Vermont, Waterbury has a slogan. Labeled as “Uncommonly Vermont”, Waterbury is a town that prides itself on being as purely and wholly “Vermont” as possible but doing it in a way that others do not.


What exactly does that mean? Well, in January and February, it means Winterfest, and it means going above and beyond in providing ways for both locals and visitors to enjoy the town and the fresh mountains of snow.

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Jan. 11, 2019

Redecorating for a Fresh New Year

By: Holly Pembroke • Interior Decorator • Middlesex, VT.

With the start of the new year comes the motivation to make changes to both ourselves and our homes. January is the perfect time for reorganizing, purging, and redefining. My home is no exception.

I transformed my daughter's room from an overwhelming play space to a peaceful and relaxing retreat.

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Dec. 10, 2018

Simplistic Beauty & Holiday Decorating

By: Holly Pembroke • Interior Decorator • Middlesex, VT.

As I get ready for the holidays I think about traditions and what this time of the year means to me - family, home, comfort, giving, and simplicity. Around the holidays it is so easy to get lost in the schedules, parties, and stress. It can be overwhelming and expensive - but it doesn't have to be.

I have a sign in my kitchen that says "keep it simple". That sign has been with me for 10 years as a reminder in my life and in my approach to decorating. To me, simplicity is beautiful. I highly recommend the book Lagom; a wonderful message to remind us of balance in everyday life. In Swedish the word Lagom means not too much, not too little. 

This year for holiday decorating I challenge you to keep it simple. 

Use things we already have in abundance in Vermont and bring in something from the outdoors:

  • pine cones
  • branches
  • greenery

Be creative and don’t spend a lot.

I am excited to showcase some of my favorite holiday decorations and inspiration from some of my closest friends.


Every time I walk into Karen’s beautiful mountain home, whether it’s holiday time or not, I feel so at peace with the natural elements that she has brought inside. Her birch trees are so simple, yet so spectacular.


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Nov. 15, 2018

Renovated Vermont Farmhouse | Home Design

Landmark is excited to announce that we have a new guest blogger, Holly Pembroke, who will be bringing us her expertise on interior design and all things home staging! Please enjoy her blog:

My partner and I renovated an 1890’s farmhouse in 2017 with the help of an amazing team.  When we first looked at the house, it was vacant, cold, and dark, but I could see and feel the love and energy in that house.  

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Nov. 5, 2018

Vermont Winter Here We Come | Local Mountains

With winter on its way, many of us Vermonters are eagerly awaiting the chance to take advantage of the snowfall. Below are all the places to ski downhill in the area, and their estimated opening dates, so get excited!


This ski resort in Warren is quite a staple in the valley, and their estimated opening is around November 17th! They offer plenty of deals and hold a number of events throughout the year, including a weeklong celebration during Christmas week.

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Oct. 12, 2018

Selling Your Home | Home Staging

There are some things that every home seller should make sure to cross off their list as they approach putting their home on the market. Some smaller tasks to keep in mind are:

Cleaning: Give everything a quick shine, from counters to frequently trafficked rugs. You don’t want your home to seem too lived in and turn people off

Lighting: Make sure to showcase the natural light of your space – just check that you’re not revealing a bunch of dirty windows (see above).

Yard: Keep your walkways clear and keep the time of year in mind. If it’s fall, get out that rake. If it’s winter, get that shovel and salt.

Home Staging

A big step to take in selling your home is to stage it for potential buyers. While the small tasks above are part of this, staging is a bigger process of making your home really shine and allowing the potential buyer to see what the possibilities are.

If you’re not convinced the extra work is worth it check out the statistics below:

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