Fall decorating starts now!It’s time to start thinking about ways you can spruce up your home décor for fall! Below are some tips and tricks to keep your front porch looking beautiful during the Vermont foliage season.

Choose a Color Scheme – It’s easy for us to get lost in the décor filled store shelves. You pile up your cart with items that look cute or pretty but, in the end, you find that only a few of the pieces you’ve purchased actually look good together, let alone look good with the color of your porch and front door! No need to worry, if you plan your color scheme ahead of time, designing the look of your front porch becomes quick and painless. Try sticking to colors that are not only popular for fall but also complement the look and feel of your home. Some great ideas for fall color schemes are:

Orange – The most typically seen and popular of all the fall colors. There are many shades of fall orange, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Gold – Gold tones work very well with oranges and reds and can add a hint of metallic if you choose to go a fancier route.

Reds – Again, a fall staple. There are a lot of shades of red as well, and it’s effortless to find shades that compliment a nice orange!

Black, White, & Grey – These tones can fit with any color scheme and help to bring out detail!

Purples – A color often associated with Halloween, but can look great paired with a beautiful bright orange or a rusty red.

If you’re having trouble picturing your color scheme, online color scheme creators like Adobe Color can help you to visualize what different colors will look like when paired with each other! Plus, if you’re stuck, Adobe Color offers a community feature in which you can get inspiration from the color schemes others have already put together.

Add Decorative Pieces and Accessories – This is where you can have some fun! Go ahead and add that cute basket or that fun welcome sign you saw while scrolling through various internet marketplaces. Maybe even that pumpkin from the farm stand down the road that was way heavier than you first thought. The world is your oyster, so go crazy and add whatever accents you feel work best with your color scheme and the look of your porch.

Throw in a Fall Inspired Wreath – Wreaths are a typical staple of any holiday season, from what we’ve come to see. There are plenty of beautiful fall inspired wreaths that can add a center point to your door and tie in all of your accessories. Good places to find eye-catching garlands are places like Etsy where they are generally handmade. Though if you’re not willing to throw in the extra cash on a handmade wreath, Etsy is also a great place to find inspiration and give you an idea of what to try out in a DIY project.

Add Some Fall Foliage – We tend to associate the summer and spring seasons with beautiful flowers and plants, but even in fall, the right flowers can bring intrigue to your home. Try adding chrysanthemums to your flower boxes and top them off with faux leaf garlands to add that hint of fall leaf peeping without the upkeep of dying leaves.

Throw Some Paint on it! – Unhappy with the look of your front door or the furniture on your porch? Fall can be a great time to add a new coat of paint to anything you’re not satisfied with. That, or you can always cheat and buy pre-painted furniture in a color you like.

Rotate Your Décor – There are plenty of holidays and seasonal events within the fall calendar. Fall is the perfect time to experiment and rotate your décor to match whatever is on the event calendar. Halloween, harvest-time, and Thanksgiving are all great opportunities to add to or spruce up your existing items.

Put Down a Doormat – A doormat is a perfect way to welcome a guest to your home and an effective and easy way to add another splash of intrigue to your porch, especially if you’re hoping to keep the look of your front door simple.

Feeling Stuck? – No fear, the internet is a great place to get ideas and inspiration. Try browsing through sites like Pinterest and even Instagram to get an idea of what other people have done!