An Open Canvas – The Vermont Market


At New England Landmark Realty, we are experienced in dealing with sales on the Vermont market, which is a unique American real estate market. We've seen that those who want to buy land or property in Vermont often have their own specific ideas and goals and plans related to what Vermont has to offer.


The Vermont market is unique in its rustic environment and deliberate public planning. Here are some of the driving forces that inspire people to buy real estate here.


Getting Away


Many of our buyers purchase real estate in Vermont as a place to vacation. A significant number of them are using their Vermont properties to get a time-out from bustling urban environments in places like New York City, Washington DC or other regional metropolitan areas. We have seen what these buyers value in properties, and because we know the lay of the land when it comes to this state market, we can help guide someone toward the choices that will suit them best.


Cut the Commercials


Other Vermont buyers are attracted to the area because of the protectionist mindset in local public planning that carefully limits commercial signage, chain stores and other aspects of American commercialism.


You can see in other markets all over the country how unfettered development leads to a kind of chockablock visual result that many people consider to be an eyesore. By limiting the amount of signage, building footprints and commercial development of natural land, Vermont has really become a haven for those who believe in natural environments. Just visiting the state gives people a new frame of mind, if what they’re used to is the sameness of American suburbs and mini-malls. But unlike some of America’s other wild places, there’s something purposeful about the Vermont landscape, something that’s hard to match elsewhere.


Re-Homing and Sustaining


Other Vermont buyers have particular goals in terms of making their households more sustainable.


This unique rural aspect of Vermont makes it a prime place to work the land or raise livestock, or do other local sustainable projects. In this case, many of our buyers are looking for minimal building footprints, with larger areas of undeveloped land attached.


We have the land, and the homes. We have excellent visual tools and search functionality right on our website, to help Vermont buyers to search for their dream property. Contact us about your plans to participate in one of the most desirable U.S. real estate markets in the country. Be sure to check out our “featured properties” and other tools on the site, and reach out with any questions. Welcome!