By: Holly Pembroke • Interior Decorator • Middlesex, VT.

With the start of the new year comes the motivation to make changes to both ourselves and our homes. January is the perfect time for reorganizing, purging, and redefining. My home is no exception.

I transformed my daughter's room from an overwhelming play space to a peaceful and relaxing retreat.

Recently, my 10-year-old came to me and said, “Can you please redecorate my room? I am 10, and I want a more grownup space.”

When we originally painted her room, she wanted control of the color and décor. As you can see, it was a loud, bright, and colorful space. It was a color scheme that never let her relax and enjoy her space, so we decided to surprise her with a bedroom makeover.

Prepping the Room 

My vision for the new room was a calm, beautiful, functional room with organization for my creative artist.  Dave and I started prepping her walls on Friday night after work.

We took a short break for dinner and then began painting, (Benjamin Moore SilverLake). At midnight Dave made me stop to get some sleep. The next morning I woke up and finished the walls with a second coat of paint.

We wrapped up our brushes and set off to Home Goods where I picked out pale pink bedding and found some new prints for her walls.


Lola had a huge dresser and with that dresser came too much space. The drawers turned into holding bins for messy piles of clothes rather than neat compartments for folded organization.

I decided to swap the oversized dresser for an older, and much smaller one that I had in the barn. 

I supplemented the smaller drawers with an open hanging rack to encourage organization and avoid those piles of clothes. I painted the hardware Gold on the dresser and purged through her clothes – much needed!

Special Details

I wanted to bring gold accents to her room to add some glam to the calm color scheme. I had an old fur rug that I cut into an animal hide pattern and cut a smaller piece to accent her ottoman. These special details can help your upgrades feel cohesive and purposeful.

The Reveal

When Lola came home and went upstairs, she opened the door to her room and rolled on the floor with excitement and cried with happiness. Now, she tells me all the time how happy her space makes her. Her clothes have stayed organized (for the most part), and she spends so much more time in her room painting, relaxing, and writing. She finally has an environment that promotes peace and creativity.

As a bonus, I painted Lola’s old dresser and repurposed it for myself. Repurposing an old item can look so beautiful and unique. Try changing hardware, use spray paint, add a new rug, or change some lighting. Small changes make such a difference.

This year I encourage you to find ways to make your space work a little bit better for you. Ask yourself how colors, textures, and furniture items make you feel and see what simple changes you can make to bring a little more joy to your life.


I’ve always been passionate about design and how a change in a room can effect positive change in your life.  As an interior decorator, I work collaboratively with clients – many who have busy, chaotic lives – to create peaceful, organized, beautiful, spaces in their homes. I also stage homes for those who are selling, and I love demonstrating how simple changes can increase a home’s value.