According to a report comissioned by The Vermont Realtors there is a desperate need for innovation in the financing infrastructure of our Vermont schools. This is a system which Vermont Realtors President Donna Cusson says reflects 19th century Vermont lifestyles instead of a system that will prepare our students to be as successful as possible in the modern world that we live in. According to the U.S. Department of Education, Vermont has the highest high school graduation rate in the nation. Imagine how much Vermont students, parents, and communities could gain from even more improvements to the system. As Education Secretary Rebecca Holcombe stated, we need to target our education spending in order to receive the best return and Vermont Realtors suggests that the following results could come from doing just that to reform education spending in our state.

  • Reduced property taxes enable saving for our children's future education and our underfunded retirement investments
  • Surplus funds currently spent to sustain an inefficient education system could be used to enhance curriculum and acquire innovate teaching tools
  • Lower property taxes would make Vermont a more attractive place for business creation, expansion and relocation providing jobs for our graduates to stay home in the Green Mountain State and stem the flow of the 'brain drain'
  • Buyers shopping for a second home or looking to retire would be encouraged to choose Vermont, a state that leads the nation in the areas of excellent medical care, a healthy environment and low crime
  • The creation of better, lower-cost schools helps us to compete in a global economy
If Vermont can enhance it's educational value, some of the many fantastic outcomes for Vermont communities will be reflected in the real estate industry. More people will be attracted to move their families or start new ones in Vermont and the young minds of our educated high school and college students will be more likely to invest their future in staying in the state.