Local photographer Andrew Gimino captured the beauty of a VT summer storm through his camera lens. This is quite an artistic feat because by this time in the summer I know we were all pretty tired of the rain. Locally, we have seen oppressive heat, record high precipitation levels, and frequent thunderstorms in the month of June and the first half of July. While this doesn't seem to follow past trends for summer weather in Vermont, we are all wondering if it will shift to become the new norm in our area.

While the effects if climate change may seem subtle, it is important to protect our homes from the damage it may cause in the future. John Banta, author of the "Extreme Weather Hits Home" said, "Our homes are one of the most expensive investments we will ever make. They are also our refuge from the elements, and we must protect them so they can protect us." In the past, protecting the home in Vermont has often meant preparing for the cold weather and harsh conditions of winter, but with changing climate it may also mean increased protection from flooding, strong winds, and severe storms. Regular maintenance is a good preventative tool, as the weather patterns may have shifted since the time your house was built or even in recent years. Some suggestions include refastening exterior light fixtures, trimming trees and shrubs, reinforcing or shielding windows, maintaining roofing, as well as revisiting home insurance policies. While we are fortunate in Vermont to be protected from many natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and forest fires, it is still important to protect our home according to the changing climate.