There are thousands of different styles of homes all across the globe. Some architectural designs are used so commonly that they develop their own style and become a baseline for houses. You’ll notice when searching for houses, that many homes share similar designs and characteristics.  While there is a variety of homes, some of which get very creative, most houses you see a branch from only a few popular styles. With that being said, here are some of the most common house styles in the U.S.A.

The “Cape Cod”

One of the first styles we will discuss is the “Cape Cod” home. The Cape Cod home is probably what comes to mind when you think of traditional American housing. With a nice rectangular body and sloped roof, Cape Cod homes are all about symmetry. Often found with many windows around the house, especially in the front, these homes often feel spacious and open, while being midsize in structure. Cape Cod homes are also notable for having a chimney rising up from the center of the house. These houses are no stranger to weathering the elements and are often found in areas where the climate consists of heavy snow and rain.



The second popular home style is, of course, the Mediterranean style. This style of home gets many of its traits from the Spanish, Italian, and other architecture found along the Mediterranean Sea, hence the name. Many homes from this style feature terracotta roofing, tan exteriors, arches, and outdoor patios. These homes often feel open and spacious with large windows and doors leading to outdoor entertaining spaces.  These types of houses are commonly found in places with warmer tropical climates such as California and Florida. Because of their layout, Mediterranean homes are easy to cool off, not just by traditional air conditioning, but by opening the doors and windows as well.



The last style of house we’ll look at is the style of Contemporary. Contemporary homes are a more recent style of housing, showing roots in design from the 1970s. These house designs focus on fluid lines, open spaces, large windows and areas for light to come in, and creative visuals. These houses are definitely eye-catchers as they tend to stand out from traditional homes. Contemporary houses are found all around the world and have gained in popularity due to their more modern esthetics. 


Your Dream Home

When looking for your dream home, consider the styling of the various types of homes that we see today, and determine what fits best into your lifestyle. Let New England Landmark Realty help you find the perfect home for you, one that reflects your style and enhances your way of living.