We all love (or at some point loved… hopefully) our homes, but how often have we shown it? It is the roof that keeps the snow out after all! So this month we urge you to give back. Why? Because no matter if you’re selling, just moved in, renting, or in your happily ever after home, if you show your house some love, it will surely return the favor.

And to help you do that, here are a few simple ways Bob Vila (from This Old House, bobvila.com, and a few other shows) suggests you show your love:

  1. Arrange Flowers: There’s a reason we associate flowers with love and happiness, especially this time of year when the outside world is cold and gray. The next time you’re running errands, why not grab an assortment, or a dozen stems of your favorite flower? Apart from the beauty of the blooms, your house will reward your generosity with a wonderfully fresh scent. 
  2. Replace the Shower Curtain: It’s cosmetic, sure, but while you’re saving up for a full remodel, replacing the shower curtain is an easy, quick, and inexpensive shortcut on the way to a rejuvenated bath.
  3. Countertop TLC: While normal cleaning will make your countertops look good, a bit of extra care will make them look great. Whether laminate, granite, marble or stainless steel, there are great ways to maintain the countertop material in your kitchen. 
  4. Restore Cabinets: If your stained or painted wood cabinets have seen better days, give them a facelift. Your level of investment in the required tools and materials will be small, and the immediate payoff to the look of your kitchen is likely to be huge.
  5. Hang Art: Artwork can transform any room in an instant. Choose a piece that appeals to your taste and complements your existing room decor.
  6. Upgrade Your Furnace Filter: It’s easy to keep buying replaceable fiberglass furnace filters, but if you really want to treat your HVAC system well, consider stepping up to a model that improves air quality and energy efficiency.
  7. Organize a Closet: While it may take some serious effort, putting your closets in order will not only make you feel better, but will also make your life easier. Take measurements and use appropriate storage hooks, containers, and shelves to corral your closet items.
  8. Clean Your Carpets: Really clean them. Either hire a professional or rent one of those heavy-duty cleaning machines over a long weekend. Sure, the carpet may look clean enough, but a thorough conditioning not only removes dirt, but also redistributes the pile, making the carpet appear new again.
  9. Paint a Room: Just one! Whether you’re changing the color or not, a fresh coat of paint is almost never a bad idea. And for as little as $25 a can, painting is one of the easiest home improvement projects you can tackle.

Check out the original article and links additional help with these tips here.